Leather or Metal? Which Watch Band Do I Choose…

This is often a difficult decision to make. First of all, there are so many different styles of leather and metal bands. Collectors of watches will get both types of bands, but what about the guy who just wants a personal watch for everyday use.

The first thing to consider is where the watch is going to be used every day. Is the watch on your wrist while you’re wearing a suit, or while you’re digging a ditch. The type of environment makes a big difference when choosing a leather or metal band. To give you an example, a metal band may hold up better when getting bumped and banged in a rough environment.

Some of it is just personal choice. You may like the way a metal band looks over the way a leather band looks.

So let’s take a closer look at both materials, and some of the styles that use each material.

Metal Bands

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For those of you who are the sports type of people, your liking in most cases will be with the stainless steel band, or maybe even a rubber strap. Even though the genuine leather bands are durable, the excessive sweating involved with sports will weaken the strap and eventually break.

Although in some cases the rubber band is the choice for water sports, it is usually for the hard core water enthusiast. Most people who have decided to invest a decent price in a watch, prefer that it is capable of going in water, and out on the town for fine dining. The stainless steel bands are capable of diving in the depths, and equally capable when taking that someone special out to dinner, or for that board meeting on Monday.

Often times the metal band is chosen simply for its durability. Other than giving it a good cleaning, and polishing out minor scratches every now and then, the metal band will last a good many years. The leather bands wear more quickly, and then you will find yourself trying to find a replacement that matches your watch.

The metal bands also have a real solid feeling to them. The fact of the matter is that they do weigh more than a leather band. So it comes down to how you feel about having a watch that you know is on your wrist, or one that is light and you barely notice it is there.

There are a couple of reasons why people absolutely say no to metal bands.

When the weather is very warm, your sweat will tend to collect under the band, and it can become very irritating to your skin. You will find yourself taking the watch off just to dry it and your wrist off.

Another reason is that some people just don’t feel that it looks as elegant as a leather band. Many of the very expensive luxury watches do sport the leather band.

Leather Bands

genuine leather watch band

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As touched on a little earlier, the leather band is viewed as the more luxury looking band verses a metal band. The traditional dress watches usually sport an alligator band, which gives your watch that elegant look for more formal events. The genuine leather bands are lighter and hardly noticeable on your wrist, unlike the heavy feeling of a metal band.

Even on the hottest days, a leather band will remain comfortable because you don’t have the sweat building up under the band. The leather band will absorb the moisture and dry out on its own. The only problem with this is they develop a bad smell with constant use in warm weather. When this happens you just need to take it off and let it sit in the sunlight for a day or two.

Even though the leather bands have the more elegant look of the two, you will replace a leather band much more often that a metal band.

So they each have they’re pros and cons.

It is for a reason that they make both types of bands. You may be the person who just needs a watch for work. It doesn’t matter if you work in the oil fields, or in the oval office, there is a band for you.

With Jiusko Authentic watches you will find both types available. Please take a look through our selection and find the one that’s right for you.