Spring 2017 Men's Fashion Trends + Jiusko Watch Pairings

Get ready for your style to be on time and on point this Spring! We've rounded up some of the hottest fashion trends for men (as seen on The Trend Spotter) and paired them with some perfect Jiusko watch options. 

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends for Men + Jiusko Watch Pairings

Embrace BOLD when you layer on the Vermillion Red this Spring. From shirts to coats and everything in between, you'll definitely make an impression. Enhance your apparel with coordination, all go all-in with your wristgame!

We recommend Jiusko Style #51LB11 if you want a more understand Vermillion Red in your watch, or Jiusko Style # 85LS1111 to take it to the next level.

Talk about a throwback! Everything old is new again with the Seventies Revival fashion trend, so keep your wrist game on point with an classically cool, seventies-vibe.

For more understated seventies appeal, we recommend Jiusko Style #278LRG0707, or push the limits of seventies street style with Jiusko Style #200LG0507



What fashion trends will you be sporting this Spring?