Spring 2017 Women's Fashion Trends + Jiusko Watch Pairings

Get ready for your style to be on time and on point this Spring! We've rounded up some of the hottest fashion trends for women and paired them with some perfect Jiusko watch options. 

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends for Women + Jiusko Watch Pairings

Bell Sleeves definitely put your wrist in the spotlight, but you don't want to wear a watch that's too big or too flashy so that it does not take away from the sleeves themselves, which are the real star of the show. 

We recommend pairing your Bell Sleeved top with something dainty and elegant, such as Jiusko Style #41MY01 or Jiusko Style #291MRG01.

Neutral colors give you the option to have a little fun with your wrist wear! You can go for a coordinating look, and get a bit more adventurous with a contrasting pop of color.

We love a black watch paired with an otherwise earth-tone ensemble, such as Jiusko Style #13MS0202. Or, stick to the palette with a brown, leather watch, such as Jiusko Style #99LS0107.

This year's floral trend is classically flirty and feminine. Pair it with a watch that evokes the same feeling.

We recommend Jiusko Style #162S01 or Jiusko Style #119MRG0101.

What trends are you must excited for this Spring?