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Our Story

Jason ChenHi, I’m Jason Chen and I come from the island of Taiwan. I’ve loved watches and clocks since I was a small child. I feel the ‘tick’ of time like I feel my own heartbeat.

This obsession led me to an apprenticeship with the master designers of the great Swiss brands that lasted over 20 years before I designed my first watch.

I traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States to understand the secrets behind making luxury watches.

My discovery was the wristwatch is the window to a person’s fashion style for the world to observe. You see your watch, and so does everyone else. It’s a reflection of where a person is in his or her life at this moment.

I want my watches to stand up to the test of time. I have hundreds of different designs in my portfolio now. Each undergoes the same rigorous standards of design precision, superior movement technology, and quality control.

Our objective at Jiusko is to have our timepieces outlast their owners and become family heirlooms. The style, taste and values of one generation passing on to the next…continuing the family legacy.

My watches are for telling time, but they’re so much more. They are a way of measuring yourself against time and all the different seasons of life each one of us goes through.

Beyond all else, I had a vision to create luxury timepieces that could be affordable.  I have finally achieved my goal of producing watches of uncompromising value on par with the great Swiss manufacturer’s but at a small fraction of the price.

Get to know Jiusko. Our reason for being is to offer luxury, affordable timepieces.