JIUSKO Watches at The Golden Globes

In January of 2017, we participated in the pre-Golden Globes gifting lounge held by GBK Studios. While there, we were fortunate to meet and interact with many celebrities to hear their thoughts on JIUSKO watches. 

Check out the video below for an overview of the exciting day. 

And here's a brief recap of some of their thoughts, plus more information on how you can shop the JIUSKO Watch of your favorite celebrity.

NEIL BROWN JR. - Star of Insecure

Neil Brown Jr. with JIUSKO watch
"Nice and light. Not too flashy; just flashy enough. Just sexy enough."  

KEVIN DILLON - Star of Entourage

"I love that you can see into the watch. You can see all of the detail and craftsmanship."

Ricky Whittle - Star of The 100

"I keep staring at it like a child with a toy. I can't stop looking at it... I'm really happy with it. It's a beautiful piece."

Ricky's watch is Men's, Dress, Auto, Leather, 100M, 206LSRG0107

Carolyn Hennesy - Star of True Blood

"I love the fact that it tells the date and the day. I love the little sun and moon. The band is a beautiful color. I love the affordability of it."

Carolyn's watch is Men's, Dress, Quartz, Leather, Multi-Function, 50M, 278LSRG0107

David Greathouse - Producer of Hacksaw Ridge

"My gosh, it's just so beautiful...my eye was just drawn to it...it's so comfortable you don't even feel it."

David's watch is Men's, Dress, Fashion, Auto, Leather, 100M, 252LG0202

Anthony Anderson - Star of Black-ish and To Tell The Truth

"You want it [your watch] to accent whatever you have on at the time and to be a good accompaniment to it. [This watch is] not too heavy and very stylish."

Anthony's watch is Men's, Dress, Auto, Leather, 100M, 206LSRG0107